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Q-PowerLine represents over 5 years of research and development to engineer the ultimate line specifically for traction kiting applications. The unique cored construction utilizes continuous linear strands of very high tenacity Spectra 2000® fiber encased in an extremely tight braided Spectra 2000 sheath. The resulting line exhibits the ideal characteristics for traction kiting: almost zero stretch means minimal length adjustments and incredible kite “feel” when flying, no sleeving required makes it easy to produce your own custom sets, self-lubrication ensures minimal friction during line wraps, a round cross-section minimizes parasitic wind-drag increasing both the kites forward speed and response to pilot input, a tight external braid reduces dirt abrasion, and a higher modulus (stiffness) than traditional lines almost totals eliminates line tendency to tangle. Proprietary coating technology allows us to produce hi-visibility safety lines in fluorescent yellow and orange with even coatings that resist the tendency to fade and rub off.

New Q-PowerLine-Pro represents the latest advancement in Kitesurfing line technology from Active People Sports. The latest generation of Q-PowerLine, Pro utilizes a new thinner, stronger Spectra fiber to further improve on the time-proven superior features of Q-PowerLine. Pro is now 30% thinner than standard Q-PowerLine for even lower drag, more resistant to stretch with stronger impact strength, a smoother “hand” makes it much more “kink” resistant, and it features a new surface treatment for a slipperier finish allowing more wraps without binding.

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